baby quilt for anna

this is the blanket i made for molly’s new baby anna.  it was really fun to make and i love the way it turned out.  pink and brown are so great together.  the one picture is of the binding.  i was only a few inches short.  a bit frustrating, but we figured it out.


happy birthday sinclaire

miss sinclaire turned 7 today.  what a great day she had.  she wanted a hot air balloon cake so that is what we came up with.  it is all ice cream, she pick mint and cookie dough. with chocolate crumbles in the middle.  so yummy!  we started with donuts for breakfast and then tiny and i ate lunch with her.  right when she got home we went to our first swimming lesson.  sinclaire did awesome and so did kit kat.  tiny however would not get in the water until the end when he go to jump.

then we met grandma and grandpa at mcdonalds for dinner.  they played for a little bit but then were ready for cake and presents.  we came home and ate cake and then opened presents!  she got cloths, books, cards to send people, the barbie swimming pool, and so much more.  she had a great time and was very ready for bed when we finally got there.j

seven things i love about sinclaire.

1. she loves to read and will read to her brother and sister if they will sit down long enough

2. always wants to help me do what i am doing.  once she asked to help take my continuing education test. it was so funny

3. gets so excited about things and starts laughing really loud

4. her favorite thing about school is still the bus

5.  loves loves loves the color pink

6. loves animals, especially dogs

7. made a book for her teacher that was super cute.  she wrote all the words and drew all the pictures and i bound it together.

best day ever!

we went on a bike ride today and it was so fun!  i went shopping at garage sales  this morning and found this bike trailer. then we pulled out the other bike trailer that sinclaire was on and used it for the first time too.  we rode up to their school and back.  we all had a great time and both girls said it was the best day ever!

oh yeah, that is bird poo. right on my arm. i think it might have been the first time i have ever been hit.


sarah and her children came to play in june and the kids had a great time playing and having a great time.  isn’t that what the summer is all about.  sarah and i sewed and got some things done in the sewing room. lots of fun!!

summer band


this is the band we had over the summer.  it was a blast. we made rice noise makers adn hats and walked around the cul-de-sac.  the kids had a great time and it was fun to see them having a great time.  i know i look silly, but i only think 2-3 people saw me.

Happy Father’s Day



we will get caught up some time!



what a great father we have at our house.  this photo proves it.  i think he got lots of treats and that is about it.  that is because he loves treats, and his kids love treats, and maybe even his wife loves treats. we love you pops!